baby a [newborn session]

no better way to follow a beautiful mother’s day weekend than blogging this sweet newborn session. this gallery occurred on two different days (one week and eight weeks old). 

there’s something so magical about new babies…the sweet smell, the softest skin and the way they melt into you like delicious marshmallows. there’s good reason I keep having my own! 😉

mama, daddy, big sister K were nice and cozy as they settled into life with a new baby. even the fur sister joined in the fun!

even though lifestyle photography mean less props and less posing, there is sure something beautiful about using a vintage scale in a newborn session. plus, mama’s vintage coca cola crates were just perfect to hold a sleeping babe; the juxtaposition of a wood crate and a knit blanket is just so lovely!

sessions such as these are sweet and slow…time for snuggles and hushed tones. sometimes mama and baby need to recharge and that’s when big siblings get to stretch out and share their excitement!

i love capturing every one of these spontaneous moments.

let me leave you with one tender babe and mama snuggle…

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