kickin’ it with officer sharpe [advocacy]

so…it’s only been [ahem] several months since this great event happened, but better late than never when it comes to blogging, right?

i was introduced to the Little Giver’s Club through several fellow mama friends. due to some unexpected circumstances, they needed a photographer for this event and I was more than happy to help out.

the Little Giver’s Club partnered with Officer Lamar Sharpe, of the Be a Better Me Foundation, to host a soccer clinic for the children. the Canton United Soccer Club led the children and Officer Sharpe in soccer training exercises.

As with all their events, the members and their families bring donations geared toward a specific cause; in this case, gift cards, treats and toys were collected for the BABMF. The donations would be later distributed to children in the area  through Officer Sharpe’s community policing outreach.

everyone surely earned their treats from Canton Taggarts Ice Cream and had a great time socializing.

I had in my mind that this would be great practice, great exposure and something fun as it was different than a typical photo session. let me tell you, the evening ticked all those boxes and so many more that I never would have anticipated! thank you so much to all for letting me document this great evening 🙂

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