fcc: food truck + flick event [advocacy]

not much goes together better than movies and popcorn…unless there are food trucks involved! and what a selection…the big green thing, the eagle’s nest cafe, eats truck, the rockin ice cream man, sweet water caravan, and southern thangs food truck!

i mean, come one, food trucks are always a good idea! not to mention this movie night was outside, on a huge lawn, with hundreds of excited attendees.

i’m talking about first christian church food truck + flick night. the late august evening was sunny and warm, the perfect way to send off summer.

with a showing of ‘incredibles’ on the big screen by funflicks, the theme of the evening was, naturally, superheroes!

everywhere you looked, so many awesome costumes abounding, super canned food donations were being made to simply give and little giver’s club and one of the best superhero powers of all was present: community.

i was so thrilled to document this great evening of advocacy, camaraderie, and just plain good fun!


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