welcome to the front porch

so…at some point mid-pandemic, i officially decided to document the times. my personal favorite takeaway was the front porch project.

this movement vibed with me in so many ways. one afternoon, the littles and i had some fun. as you can see…they are a fun, vibrant bunch.

family photos are just so incredibly special. especially when these sessions occur in the personal, beautiful spaces of our own homes.  or, in our case, the “slightly messy, unstyled, lived-in” front porch.

TIPS for photographing your family at home [keep in mind that these are not full family photos, so i didn’t have to deal with a tripod or self-timer]:

  • if you’re going for a coordinated look [and your littles have their own sense of style], select several outfits ahead of time…then let them choose from that bank of options
  • the beauty of front porch photos is that they can be casual and fun: bare feet, loose hair, “talking” smiles.
  • embrace the mess. y’all…my porch is definitely NOT styled! if you’re like me [and the pretty-my-porch project keep getting pushed back] take those photos anyway! this session was all about documenting us. at home. living our real life.

is there anything better than capturing all the smiles, the quirks, the unique spirits of our sweet children?

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