ice cream sunday

ice cream is BIG here at the burris bungalow. as in…always a few flavors in the freezer, have our favorite shoppe hours memorized and we fully consider ice cream to be its own food group!

whether we’re out on a adventure (or just running the usual errands), a stop at a local ice cream shoppe is inevitable. Especially when we can try somewhere new and unexpected. mcmoo’s definitely checked off those boxes!

nestled into an unassuming shopping plaza, this quaint ice cream shoppe is the entry point between a tanning salon and laundromat. i told you this place was unique!

The select amount of flavors are of the best quality. Smooth and creamy, well balanced proportions of flavor nuggets and generous serving sizes made this visit memorable.

if you find yourself in merriman valley in ohio, swing by mcmoo’s and get a delicious cold treat. as ice cream connoisseurs…we highly recommend it!

what is YOUR favorite ice cream spot? we love tracking and sampling all the recommendations, so share the best spots with us!

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