about me

about me

hi! i’m katie. I believe in fierce love, strong faith and genuine laughter.

along with my husband, jordan, and our five littles…we are the burris studio: a home decor + creative art studio.

about us

i was born and raised in northeast ohio. jordan comes from mid ohio. after meeting in college [go golden flashes!], we got married and settled into small town USA.

here we are raising our wild and beautiful littles to live boldly in christian catholic faith.

we are riding the roller coaster process of renovating a fixer upper home.

we are passionate about enjoying life while continuing our journey of reaching a debt free lifestyle.

my hope is that this blog gives you a honest glimpse into our lives. the routines and goals that keep us going as we cultivate a home of love and support for our littles, and a welcoming space for all.

What People Say

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

Dr. Seuss

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