let’s start at the beginning

we take breakfast very seriously at the burris bungalow. some days are quick and easy [think cereal, toast and fruit]. equally as many days are spent perusing our varied cookbooks for just the right recipe. especially breakfast…hands down the best way to start the day! the recipe in this cookbook claims to make the “bestContinue reading “let’s start at the beginning”

welcome to the front porch

so…at some point mid-pandemic, i officially decided to document the times. my personal favorite takeaway was the front porch project. this movement vibed with me in so many ways. one afternoon, the littles and i had some fun. as you can see…they are a fun, vibrant bunch. family photos are just so incredibly special. especiallyContinue reading “welcome to the front porch”

little j [one year session]

every time i refer to this session, i start by saying ‘baby j’ when, reality is, a one year session dictates him being ‘little j’. [it’s the mama in me… i tell my own children all the time: “you may not be a baby anymore, but you will always be MY baby”] little j isContinue reading “little j [one year session]”

kickin’ it with officer sharpe [advocacy]

so…it’s only been [ahem] several months since this great event happened, but better late than never when it comes to blogging, right? i was introduced to the Little Giver’s Club through several fellow mama friends. due to some unexpected circumstances, they needed a photographer for this event and I was more than happy to help out.Continue reading “kickin’ it with officer sharpe [advocacy]”